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Custom made and designed hats for your horse, farm, or business.
Marketing horses and horse racing to the fans is what we do best.  Allow us to promote your horse or farm and share your special thoroughbreds with the best fans in the world.  We specialize in creating unique hats to promote your horse, farm, or business. We design, digitize, and embroider the best hats and caps in the world.

Horse and Farm Promotion Program

For horses and farms that we feel are marketable to the general public, we offer a fantastic deal to the owners:

1. We will work with you to create a great logo or design that will help market your horse. There is no cost for this service.

2. We will give you 12 free hats, and allow you to purchase as many as you would like at our cost (no markup).

3. We will pay you a royalty on every hat sold.

4. We will create a webpage for your horse on our site and allow you to update it as often as you would like.

5. You will earn the gratitude of horse racing fans everywhere who love your horse as much as you do.

If getting some free hats, earning some money, and helping promote the greatest sport on earth sounds like a good idea to you, please contact us at





Custom Hat Program

Let help you market your farm, horse, or stable.

We will work with you to create a logo that will make a statement about your horse, farm, or business.

We can create hats, jackets, shirts, or just about anything that can be embroidered.

We know the horse business, and our prices are fantastic.

Send us an e-mail and we'll get started today.