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Horse Racing Video Game

Play the HorseHats Derby - Name your horse and race it against the computer. 

If your virtual horse can win 10 races in a row you can enter the hall of fame.




Horse Racing game

Free online horse racing game

Imagine a game that´s always free to play and whether you win or lose, you´re always earning Prize Money that is redeemable for real cash or gift cards. Just ask any of the thousands of players who have won real cash and gift cards and have never spent a penny on our site.

Simply play your first race, choose your horse, and jockey him to victory. Your first game is on us. Win all three races as a jockey and you'll instantly receive 100 game points and $9 in Prize Money. No strings attached. That's $10 waiting for you.

Don´t worry if you lose. Your account will instantly be credited with 100 game points and $4 in Prize Money. That´s $5 waiting for you!

After your initial game play and valid registration, each race you run can earn additional prize money for you. Click the play game button, then choose a horse, select the amount of game points you want to play and run your race. For every race you win as a jockey, the amount of game points you played will be doubled and moved into your prize money account. For example, if you play with 50 game points and win your race, you will receive $1 in prize money. Even if you lose the race, you still win. Whatever amount of game points you played will automatically be transferred into your prize money account. Play 50 game points and lose - don't worry, we've added $0.50 to your prize money account. Every race you run when playing with game points, win or lose, adds prize money. When you've accumulated $20 worth of prize money, you can request a payout in cash or in gift cards. That payout will be sent to your registered address. It's that simple.

Need more game points? When you run out of game points, simply visit the Get More Credits tab from the top navigation on the site. There you will see a long list of special offers, most free, offering the opportunity to earn more game points. Each offer is identified with a specific number of game points that will be added to your account when the offer is successfully completed. Be sure to read the details of each offer to ensure that you understand what you must do with that offer to get your credits. Once the offer is complete and validated, game points will be added to your account. Look for special game credit offers when you play the game and in our weekly emails. You can also earn Prize Money on every transaction made by every player you refer to our game. Imagine earning $10, $20 or even $50 a day by just having your friends participate in the program. To learn more about this program, please click on the Refer-A-Friend tab from the top navigation when logged in. Always free to play for you and your friends.

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