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Here’s your chance to experience the thrill of horse racing from a different perspective. has created the HorseHats racing club that will make being part of horse racing an affordable dream. For your $130 you will receive a membership in the HorseHats Racing Club and a certificate of club membership. The HorseHats racing club will own 10% of Magical Star, a two year old colt by Five Star Day currently in training with Lynn Whiting at Churchill Downs.  The majority owner of Magical Star is John Paul Pucek, previous owner of Victory Lap.

Magical Star's Pedigree

Questions and Answers

How Much of the horse will I own?
The HorseHats Racing Club will own 10% of the Horse. Legal Ownership and racing registration of the Club's horses are determined by the HorseHats Racing Club’s management, the horse will be registered to HorseHats Racing Club. Your ownership share is an agreement with HorseHats Racing Club. HorseHats Racing Club members have no legal title to the business's property.

What are my obligations as a Club Member?
1. You declare that your main interest in being a Club member is the enjoyment of horse racing and is in no way based on expected financial returns.
2. You accept that free race day privileges are limited in number and may not necessarily be allocated to you.
3.You agree not to initiate communication with the horse's trainer or majority owner, all communications should go through HorseHats Racing Club.
4. You understand and acknowledge that horse ownership is a financially risky proposition, and that you can comfortably afford to potentially lose all money associated with club membership.
5. You acknowledge that you will have no say in the training of the horse or the races entered. All decisions related to the management of the horse will be made by the majority owners. In the event that HHRC's 10% ownership has a say in the management of the horse, all members will be polled and we will vote as one unit.

When and where will Magical Star run?
Magical Star will most likely debut in Kentucky.  His trainer, Lynn Whiting, is based in KY.  Magical Star is a New York bred horse so there is a chance that he may run in that state in the future.  Like everything else involved in horse racing, there are no guarantees about where, when and how he will run.

Will I earn money if the horse wins?
Yes, purses (if any) will be distributed quarterly to the Club members. The HorseHats Racing Club will receive 10% of the purses that Magical Star wins after the Trainer and Jockey have received payment. As an example, if Magical Star were to win, the trainer would receive 10% of the purse, the Jockey 10%, and the HorseHats Racing Club would receive 10% of the remaining money.

Can I buy more than one membership?
Yes, you can.

Is the Horse insured?
The Horse will be covered by mortality insurance which is included in the cost of the club share.

What happens if the horse is sold ?
The HorseHats Racing club would receive 10% of the sale price and that money would be returned to its Club members. Again, we must stress that horse ownership is financially risky and there are no guarantees or promises made or implied that the Horsehats Racing Club will profit from owning a percentage of Magical Star.

What about training and insurance expenses?
Included in the club membership is approximately one years worth of training and insurance expenses. If the horse is still in training after that date, the club will be required to contribute more towards training and insurance expenses. Each club member will be required to pay additional money to cover these costs should they occur.

Do I get free admission to the racetrack when Magical Star runs?
No. However, the HorseHats Racing Club will allow up to 10 people access to the paddock prior to the race, and of course all are welcome in the win pictures! Certain racetracks may restrict the number allowed in the paddock prior to the races.