Equine Education
Earn a college degree in equine studies.

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Educational opportunities for the horse and equine industry.

Schools and organizations that specialize in horse related education.

Equine and horse related education programs.
As with any industry, having the proper education is essential to gaining employment working with horses.  Hands on horse skills are also crucial and can be developed through intern programs or entry level jobs.

There are several college programs devoted to equine related fields.  Students can earn degrees in Horse Farm Management, Thoroughbred Management, Equine Behavior, and Riding Instruction just to name a few.

The most well known college based programs are at the University of Louisville and the University of Arizona. 

Students enrolled in equine business at the University of Louisville, gain their foundation in business disciplines from one of the nation's top business colleges. In addition, they take an entire core (30+ hours) of specialized courses, each related directly to the business of horses. Classroom attendance is supplemented by trips, guest lecturers and internships at tracks, Kentucky breeding farms, and learn from bloodstock agents, associations, and other horse related businesses in Kentucky. Students from southeastern states (Maryland to Texas) may qualify for in-state Kentucky tuition rates through the "Academic Common Market.".
University of Louisville Equine Industry Program

The Racetrack Industry Program at the University of Arizona (RTIP), offers two courses of study Business or Animal Management. The Business Path is structured for those students planning careers in management, marketing or regulation. The Animal Management Path is offered for those students interested in pursuing a career in training, sales, the breeding industry or farm management.

Both paths of study may be enhanced by some very special educational opportunities.

The RTIP offers an exchange student program with the University of Limerick's International Equine Institute located in Limerick City, Ireland. Qualified students will have the opportunity to live in the heart of the Irish horse industry while furthering their studies in all areas of equine management and promotion.
University of Arizona Racetrack Industry Program

The Kentucky Horse Park offers an equine management program that runs five days a week from March through August, with students spending part of their day in lecture and the remainder in caring for and learning skills directly with horses. As a work/study program, students assume responsibility for the daily care of the department's horses and rotational weekend duties as necessary.

There are seasonal variations in hands-on experiences. Late winter and spring involve breeding and foaling of the Park's mares, providing lessons in both normal and emergency birth situations. During the summer, students continue the training of the foals and assist with the daily Mare and Foal Show. Recreational riding and training education opportunities with the department's geldings are available throughout the session. Field trips to area equine facilities such as veterinary clinics, breeding sheds, and training stables provide a look at the various aspects of the horse industry.
Kentucky Horse Park Equine Management Program

The Race For Education
Participants in the new race for education scholarship program will realize all of these accomplishments and more with the help of the thoroughbred racing industry. The Race for Education is a national education scholarship foundation funded by various parties related to or with an interest in the Thoroughbred racing industry. It is a non-profit 501-C 3 organization established to improve the quality of life for farm and track workers through education, attract younger, better educated individuals to careers in the Thoroughbred industry and help establish the racing industry as a good citizen in the community.

The program will also provide career mentoring and internship opportunities for recipients of the scholarships to be provided by industry professionals and volunteers. Placement assistance may be provided and information on availability of graduates will be disseminated to industry employers.

Taylor Made Farm Intern Program
Taylor Made Farm and Sales Agency, which itself was founded by the Taylor brothers while each was still a teenager or younger, believes in aiding and developing those individuals that are interested in the horse profession into becoming well rounded horsemen and women with a full understanding of the profession.

Established over twenty years ago, The Taylor Made Intern program is an 18 month course set up to provide those individuals that are interested in the Thoroughbred business with an entry point to begin learning on a day-to-day basis many aspects of the thoroughbred industry. The intern will be taught skills ranging from basic animal husbandry and herd health to sales preparation and the development of young horses. The Farm is situated in the heart of the thoroughbred capital of the world in the Bluegrass of Central Kentucky allowing Taylor Made to provide each intern opportunities to experience different facets of the thoroughbred business. Each individual will be able to develop and hone his or her horsemanship skills during their tenure at Taylor Made that will prove as invaluable tools in that individual's future endeavors in the horse trade.

The Intern Program is open to both residents and non residents of the United States and has attracted over its' twenty years students from around the world. Since its’ inception graduates have gone on to become champion trainers, farm or sales agency owners, farm managers, veterinarians, bloodstock agents and sales company representatives. Wherever in the world you find thoroughbred horses and a successful farm, breeding or training operation you will find a Taylor Made Intern Program graduate.