Handicapping Books

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Books about handicapping horse races, expert advice on the best way to

make money betting on horses.  Proven angles and methods from handicapping pros.

Books about handicapping horse races.

picking winners bookPicking Winners
Just as football evolved with the introduction of the forward pass and basketball with the development of the jump shot, so too was handicapping forever changed by the use of speed figures--and it all started with Andrew Beyer's Picking Winners.

Computer HandicappingComputer Betting
Obviously you have access to a computer and the internet because you are reading this. If you are not using your computer to handicap horses you are missing out! Download this free guide to computerized handicapping: Download Now!

early speed bookEarly Speed
Analyzes and documents the impact of early frontrunning ability, and how it can transform into huge paydays for todays modern handicapper.  The race goes to the swiftest!

Exotic betting bookExotic Betting
In Exotic Betting, the horseplayer takes a colorful wagering ride by learning to maximize profits by betting on a multitude of exotic wagers including the daily double, exacta, trifecta, quinella, superfecta, pick 3, 4, and 6.

Betting 2 year oldsBetting 2yr olds
This book is an informative account on profitable ways to handicap juvenile and maiden races through sire and trainer profiles, breeding and workout information. First of its kind to throughly cover baby races, juvenile horses and older maidens.  Help reduce the uncertainty that comes with betting maidens...

Handicapping 101Handicapping 101
Daily Racing Form handicapper Brad Free has written a primer that is set squarely in the new world of 21st-century handicapping, where new exotic bets dominate the $15 billion annual wagering handle and new training methods and racing schedules have transformed the game. Free walks new and old players through the enduring basics of speed, pace, class, and condition
The Odds Must Be CrazyOdds Must Be Crazy
This is one of a few "must have" books for the serious handicapper. It explains the development of the racehorse in terms of speed. Rags has developed several angles that are now common racetrack jargon, such as the "bounce" and "looping back around" to a better back number. He explains several patterns of two year olds, then the three year olds, and finally older horses.

Pedigree HandicappingPedigree Handicapping
Pedigree Handicapping reveals how evaluating a horse's bloodline is most commonly used in maiden special weight races. It also points out the many other areas where pedigree handicapping has proven to be a powerful tool.

Handicapping Contests
A Horseplayer's Guide to Handicapping Tournaments, tips and methods that will enbable you to become more succesful in handicapping contests.  Playing a contest requires a different plan than regular handicapping.