Horse Movies

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Movies about Horses and horse racing.

Great films about horses and the sport of horse racing.

Movies about Horses and horse racing.
Seabiscuit MovieSeabiscuit
Proving that truth is often greater than fiction, the handsome production of Seabiscuit offers a healthy alternative to Hollywood's staple diet of mayhem. A great movie.

Ben Crane (Kurt Russell) believes that a severely injured racehorse deserves another chance. He and his daughter Cale (Dakota Fanning) adopt the horse (in fact is a mare)and save it of being sacrificed by the owner (David Morse).

Let It RideLet It Ride
Jay Trotter has waited a lifetime for this day. He's got a hot tip on a horse everyone thinks is ready for the glue factory. But, as track aficionados say, "Even when you know, you never know."  A great horse racing movie.

Black StallionThe Black Stallion
Adapted from the beloved novel by Walter Farley, this 1979 family classic was hailed by no less than hard-to-please critic Pauline Kael, who wrote that "it may be the greatest children's movie ever made."

The Little horse That CouldThe Little Horse That Could
A behind-the-scenes look at competitive riding, this live-action video features Erin Go Bragh, an award-winning Connemara stallion, and his dedicated rider-trainer, Carol Kozlowski, as they prepare for combined training competition, a grueling sport which includes dressage and obstacle jumping.
Cinderella is a cowgirl in Sylvester, a hard-luck story with a happy ending if there ever was one. Melissa Gilbert is the tough-talking teenage orphan cowpoke whose natural talent and determination transform her into a prize-winning equestrian.

National VelvetNational Velvet
This classic family film made a star of 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor in the title role as spunky Velvet Brown, a girl who's determined to enter her horse, Pie, in the Grand National Steeplechase. Critic Pauline Kael called it "One of the most likeable movies of all time."

Silver StallionThe Silver Stallion
In the mountainous high country above the Australian bush, wild horses run free: Australians call them wild "brumbies." Author Elyne Mitchell's book, The Silver Brumby, on which this movie is based, is about a magnificent silver stallion, Thowra.

Understanding The HorseUnderstanding The Horse
This video utilizes years of experience dealing with horses plus the wild horses of Shackleford Island, North Carolina, to explore the characteristics of the horse as it was designed to be - how it eats, lives, interacts, and survives. This understanding of the horse as a natural animal is then compared with some of the most popular ways of keeping and dealing with horses, and a more natural way of keeping horses is discussed.