Toy Horses

Toy horses, barns, trailers and stables.  Toys for kids who like horses.

Toy Horse Barns

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Toy horses, models, games and puzzles. Wooden horse stables and barns for kids!

The Breyer Traditional Wood Horse Toy Barn has authentically detailed natural wood with working features that include: two box stalls, two custom stall mats, two wall mounted feeders, ladder, four sliding stall doors, and two lofts! This child playset is adorned with brass the Breyer logo, making this breyer horse barn a great addition to any horse collection! Transport your prize horses in style! Now horse lovers can take it all along and have a great time while doing so. 16 inch high stable opens up to become a two-stalled barn with a fold-out wooden corral. Folding barn is sized to fit traditional-scale collectible horses, such as Breyer and similar horses. Ages 7-11. Horses sold separately. Lego toy barn set features horses, a stable with opening doors, a pick up truck and trailer, two toy horses, and 1 girl and dad toy figure. A great toy for horse loving kids will provide creative fun for and can be expanded with other lego toy sets!
This enticing horse ranch will keep children who live in the city or country alike engaged for hours. Large enough for several children to play at once. Features realistic barn complete with horse stable, spacious hayloft and storage shed. Barn doors open and close. Wooden corral fence sections, horse family and trough/hitching post set sold separately. If you can't handle a real pony, this toy is the next best thing. The pony interacts in realistic ways by moving its head, blinking, swishing its tail, and by responding when petted or spoken to. This toy pony can support a rider of up to 80 pounds, loves to be fed and groomed ! Make your little ones dream of owning a pony a reality with this realistic toy riding pony! Paint your own Breyer horse. Use the paints, brushes, and detailed instruction booklet to give a super start to customizing the unpainted model horse. Then, finish off with both black and white artist-quality mohair for customized mane and tail detailing. You'll have your own one-of-a-kind Breyer horse to cherish forever.
Toy horse trailer. This item is not only a toy, but an educational series of hand painted replicas that reveals the life on the farm. Manufactured from a high quality vinyl (rubber), these extremely realistic pieces are hand-painted, with non-toxic paint, for a natural life-like finish. Toy horse racing game.Ready to take a chance on realistic horse racing fun with sound effects? Up to four horses can race against one another. Charged horses emerge from the charger barn ready for a three minute run, giving you up to 12 minutes of racing. The horse can be adjusted for speed with a horseshoe key. Set includes four horses and four riders. Breyer wooden horse stall. Bed down your horses for the night in this deluxe two-stall barn built with the Traditional¿ size horse in mind. Complete with two box stalls, this natural wood barn also includes stall mats, haylofts and feeders!
Toy horse stable. This set includes two Stablemates horses. The three-stall barn has a tack/storage area, four corral fences, a jump, water trough, and three race barrels. A 2000 Parent's Choice Award Winner! Roll into your next horse event in style! This authentically detailed horse trailer is perfect for transporting Breyer horses and looks great parked right next to your Breyer Barn. Trailer features room for two horses, divider, padded rear chains, two back doors with Dutch openings, four working tires, one side door and hitch. Also features Breyer logo with royal blue striping on the side. Horses sold separately. Toy barn, great for horses and other farm animals.Gable Barn with Animals by Maxim: 20.5 x 7 x 17.25 inComes with 4 plastic barnyard animals, traditional barn with spacious play area, and removable side stall.
This ranch is a dream come true for every riding fan! Nestled under the canopy of two oak trees, this luxurious System X Ranch has everything one family needs to care for their proud herd of animals. There are two sheltered, cozy stables for the horses to rest in, plus a big fenced-in yard for them to play around and train in. A large barn area is perfect for getting the ponies ready and storing saddles and bridles. Fresh water for the horses can be brought anytime from the pump with its movable arm, and baskets of supplies and feed are always nearby.

Toy horse trailer and transport kit.  This Playmobil set goes great with the Horse barn and contains a toy horse, trailer, car, person and accessories.



Wooden stable and corral.  This toy stable are contains a solid wood two stall barn, working doors and windows, open back and roof for hayloft access with ladders. Comes with foldable corral that opens to 90". 9 1/2" horses fit easily into the stalls.

Barbie forever tawny horse.  Barbie loves her beautiful horse, Tawny! Tawny is just like a real horse because she really walks and neighs: Tawny makes a clip-clop sound when she walks and a neighing sound, too. She comes with a beautiful saddle and a long mane for grooming with her brush. Her mouth is magnetic, so she can carry the included basket in her mouth. Doll not included.

Barbie horse and carriage for traveling to the ball in style. Based on the Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses DVD, this fancy carriage is cleverly designed to expand to enable all 12 giddy princesses to squeeze in on their way to their forbidden nightlife scene (an evil duchess has put the kibosh on fun and dancing). The horse is as finely gussied up as the young ladies, with long, silky blonde mane and tale and elaborate pink reins.

Robotic Pony! Butterscotch Pony is a life-sized plush pony that loves to be groomed and cared for. She has many features similar to that of a real pony, including moving eyes, ears and head, soft fur coat and a swishing tail. Through sensors, Butterscotch can feel when she is being groomed and will move her head toward you, and may whinny and snort. The more you touch her, the happier she becomes. Just like a real pony, Butterscotch loves carrots and can be "fed." Hold the pretend carrot to her face, and she will open her mouth for it, or shake her head "no" if she has had enough. Kids can even sit on Butterscotch and she will gently bounce. Measures 20" x 39" x 42". Requires 4 "D" batteries (not included). Holds up to 80 pounds.
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